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8 Tips to Chase Prague Girls

Prague girls are absolutely one of a kind and notoriously difficult to tack down. That being said, Prague is a wildly romantic city that can provide you all the opportunities you’ll need to get yourself a Prague girl.

So you’ve found yourself in Prague. The city itself is stunning, steeped in breathtaking historical architecture, amazing marketplaces, and some of the best restaurants in Europe. The night life is no less impressive. Bars, amazing discos, and some of the hottest dance clubs ever, Prague is the ideal setting to not only meet, but also woo, the girl of your dreams. Women in Prague are multinational, speak multiple languages, and are young and single, owing to the large number of university students. But don’t fret, if these tips don’t work for you, maybe check out the girl directory prague.


To give a little user info here, we’ve started the list with some of the easiest, and cheapest ways, to find and charm your lucky lady. As the list continues on, expect to up your game and the bill. Here are our 8 no fail tips on how to chase Prague girls


  1. Easy As a Walk in the Park

Few things can prove to be as lucrative as just taking a stroll in one of Prague’s many gorgeous parks. During the day, many of these are frequented by the young and single coeds of Prague’s many universities. For added boost to your lady killing prowess, swing by one of the cities animal shelters and offer to walk one of their more adorable dogs. It’ll take away the “I’m just yet another tourist cruising for a lay” vibe, and  you’ll be performing a good deed.


  1. A Degree in the Ladies

Prague is home to 30 different colleges and universities. Try hitting the books, libraries, quad, and campus to find the next contender in your love ring. Mid to late afternoon is a great time to head to the quad or cafeteria to try and make those ladies swoon with your rudimentary knowledge of art history, maybe make a study date or offer to help them with their upcoming English Lit paper, after all, you do have an excellent grasp on the language.


  1. Market Yourself

In almost every single back alley and major tourist center you can find quaint market stalls. Start doing your shopping at the local markets instead of the larger grocery stores. If you’re not afraid to ask advice on what types of dishes you should try cooking, she may just be willing to show you her melons.


  1. Closing Argument

Prague is filled to the gills with drunk foreigners attempting to get laid. Don’t believe for a second that relying on your fancy British charm or American accent is going to get you anywhere with the local ladies. They are so used to cheesy come on lines and the standard drunk guys pick up game that it’s become little more than white noise to them. Know when the perfect time to swoop in and save the day is. After every single drunken asshole has hit on you, finding that one guy in the bar that has something legitimately kind and interesting to say is almost an automatic pass to the next stage.


  1. The Hostel Hustle

Staying at a hostel, instead of a hotel, is a great way to meet fellow travellers. If you do your research right, there are hostels that are purely devoted to the party scene. Get involved with activities through the hostel to get the lay of the city. Going out with friends that you make along the way keeps you from having that creepy predator vibe.


  1. Ticking Time Bomb

If you plan on meeting the love of your life in Prague, don’t think that this will happen overnight. Try and plan a trip for at least two weeks if not more. When you do meet a woman you like, take the time to get to know her before you propose to sleep together. Take her out for dinner and show her a good time. Time is your friend and the more of it you spend, the better your possible rewards.


  1. Raise the Bar

Instead of just heading out to a bar crawl and expecting to pick up, find out where the local hangouts are. Prague is host to a ton of bars that are great places for meeting singles, however, you’ll have to stray from the beaten tourist path in order to find them. The nicer the bar, chances are, the nicer the women. Again, girls in Prague are used to being constantly hit on by drunk tourists, so keep your drinks to a minimum and the tourist vibe low, don’t walk around with a cell phone constantly in front of your face, or with luggage scattered around your ankle. Once you find the woman of your dreams, take her to some of the more upscale bars or restaurants to keep your game looking fresh.


  1. Check Out the Girl Directory Prague

If all else fails, check out the Prague girl directory page and find yourself a mate the old fashioned way- by paying for her time.

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