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How To Give Your Girl Phone Sex So Hot And Stimulating It Will Drive Her Nuts! (And To Your Bed)

The great sex on the phone? What does this mean? Thus, it is used almost all the time. If you call your wife for a business trip, and it’s not all you have, this sex phone!

Or, if you just found someone on the Internet, and check each other, if you can quickly turn around, you can only see it in the next hour! Is the same. Learn 3 ways to do THIS PROMOTION!

I have a friend, Zeke, who helps people with the help of telephone technology. He is a retired teacher, university professor, salesman, and very good with the telephone sex. I know that these methods work. Check!

1st tip

Start slowly and with a little respect and consideration. Always ask for the right time to call. Ask the caller if he or she has time to talk a little. To show your opinion, as well as open to a piece of my life!

Guys who want to go out and start talking about the rough parts of women’s body rarely win a woman. Let the woman take the initiative in a malicious talk. You can do a little input, but do not make it too obvious. As soon as she does

2nd tip

Seduce her, to say what she wants to say. For example, if you want to know how much you love oral sex and then explain how you are great … why not expand the idea in your head and force it to talk about it. Therefore, it can not be lost.

Make a comment, which leads to the topic. For example, you can ask if it’s a big kiss. Everyone will tell you that they are great kisses.

Allow the woman to allow her own description of how she kisses. Then, after she had done everything possible to confirm that totally, how good it is … then you now go into oral sex.

You could say: “Doris, if you understand and are fond of, is there anything else you would like to kiss?”

Well, of course, she’ll know where she’s going. If you bring oral sex as the subject of how you can blame it?

3rd tip

Now, tell him how he’s going to do. Try it and let your emotionless orgasm on the phone with detailed descriptions. Ask how he liked. Now that you just take more and more.

Tell him how I kiss your neck, mouth, chest and head towards the clitoris. Do this in great detail. Make her believe that it’s all about her. She will appreciate your disinterest.

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