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The Nice Head to Eroticism

With just a few clicks on a smartphone (which most teens over 12 have) or on a tablet or computer, the Internet offers the best and most “gore” in terms of sexuality. There is more “gore” than erotic humanism on the web. It is worth remembering that the economic sector of pornography has taken off tremendously by developing the web. The web includes a multitude of photos, videos that are as many points of reference that will settle in teenagers once viewed, viewed, explored.

What landmarks do we want to share with our teens?

Today’s teens are more awake than teens of the previous generation, or two or three generations ago. As a result, they are earlier. The average age of first sexual intercourse decreases from year to year. It is not uncommon for teens aged 12, 13 and 14 to have sex. In addition, the “one-night shots” are more present than one or two generations ago. This form of occasional sexuality is not always well understood by parents. The role of the 3d sex games also happens to be quite important there.

  • Openness and tolerance of homosexuality open up a field of possibilities which, a few decades ago, were more restricted. Homosexuality, being present and visible in society, opens questions about the sexual orientation that existed before. The same is true of other constructions of sexual identity such as attraction to both sexes.

Do you know that, all ethnicities on this planet, there is an average of 3 to 6% of homosexuals? This means that in each class of 20 students on average, one person will have a different relationship to the world and will still have to make that difference in front of their peers.

  • For a large number of families, sexuality remains difficult to approach calmly.
  • The sexualization of bodies has invaded public space, TV, movies, advertising, etc.
  • The volume of animations to emotional and sexual life is significantly too low in schools.
  • Sexuality in the secondary school curriculum is approached from a biological point of view and very little on the psychological and relational aspects.
  • Overall, there is a disappearance of rituals in our society, and yet these are the witnesses, for our psyche, of the changes of course that we live.

It is always wise to listen to the stories of mental health practitioners: many will share that sexuality has evolved in teens. “We sleep more quickly”, we blackmail the relationship if we do not sleep, sexuality has become more commonplace. There is also a greater curiosity to explore all kinds of exotic practices. It is also true that too many teenagers play Russian roulette on contraception and experience stress on sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Faced with all these changes, several attitudes are possible. Let modernity govern the sexuality of teens or accompany the upheavals of adolescence towards a harmonious, fulfilling sexuality. This is the path we will explore together.

Celebrate the onset of puberty

At the scale of a life, it is a beautiful moment of passage where girls and boys enter a new era of their life. This deserves to mark the coup, to ritualize this, by a family celebration, where singularly the parent of the same sex has an important message to deliver of the type: “I recognize you as a teenager and I celebrate that you can create and procreate, that you have entered an important phase, so it’s also a responsibility. We will take a moment to help you better manage this new responsibility. ”

A gift would be welcome, symbolic at least, fruits, flowers, a jewel, a book or comics that talk about sexuality. It can also be a trip, a tree to plant, in short, mark the coup with a positive association.

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